Since the day life sneakily caught up to me, I find myself being on the Internet a lot less ...hence the lack in posts, which I greatly regret.

In light of this, I think a massive content re-alignment is in order. You know ... just so the blog can remain a hefty part of my life without Photoshop being so necessary and such.

I haven't figured it all out just yet but I will definitely be purging my archives. A clean slate is always the best, no?

Thanks again for reading, as always.



Hello again, Internet.

I realise that an (unannounced) month-long sabbatical was probably really uncalled for, but life just kind of got in the way of my not having a life in a really obtrusive manner and I simply chose to forget I have a tiny blog on the World Wide Web that nobody reads anyway.

I may or may not continue posting on here sporadically because sometimes, it's nice to blog from one's phone. It makes one look busy, like one is sending out a million and one work emails, which is a really nice image to portray about oneself...


Hart of Dixie

I'M JUST GOING to say it:

I watch Hart of Dixie for Rachel Bilson's style chops, and could really care less about the plot.

I mean, have you seen Rachel Bilson in this show? The girl is equal parts gorgeous as she is stylicious, which is a term I've just coined that I'm hoping does not currently exist. I am also hoping it will take off soon (by soon, I mean it better be in a dictionary by next week), so do your best to spread it round with vigor.

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( 6 / 7 )

I don't think I've seen her in an outfit I hate yet, and I've been following this show with religious fanaticism.

I'll probably have to keep revisiting her style on this show, so this may or may not be the first in a wildly obsessive string of posts about Miss Bilson in her role as Dr Zoe Hart.

... I'd like it if you could try not hate me too much.

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Printed Pouches

USD 65 [ 1 / 2 / 3 ]

Weight: 5oz / 0.14kg. 
Height: 9in / 23cm 
Length: 14in / 35.5cm 
Depth: 2.5in / 6.5cm

THESE PRINTED BEAUTIES from label Samudra are a visually appealing and affordable way to distract people from the fact that you've (pretty much) only been wearing black for the past week or so because it's a mega low-maintenance colour and deceives friends and family into thinking you're svelte when in reality, the weight you accumulated during CNY has pretty much set up a comfortable camp around your mid-section.

(product details & image credits)


Magpie Alert

USD 850 [HERE]

Leather: Cowhide. 
Weight: 32oz / 0.90kg 
Height: 8in / 20.5cm 
Length: 10in / 25.5cm 
Depth: 3in / 7.5cm 
Strap drop: 20in / 51cm

TWO THINGS THAT should allow for this bag to ascend to Fashion Holy Grail heights: 1) It is of Alexander Wang make, 2) It is delightfully silver.

I say delightfully, because I'm almost a thousand percent certain I have Magpie Syndrome and looking at this bag is the equivalent of tossing barrels of fuel onto the proverbial magpie fire in my head.

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Faux Playsuit

THERE'S PROBABLY NOTHING in this world I despise more than wearing a romper and then needing to use the loo.

Shimmying awkwardly out of one's clothes in a germ-infested bathroom stall isn't exactly how I envision things when I am purchasing said romper. 

To be really honest, I'm usually only imagining myself wearing said romper and suddenly being discovered by fashion heavyweight Karl Lagerfeld, who greatly admires my style panache when he comes across me lounging in a nondescript coffee shop ... (how exactly he will discover me on the island of Borneo is irrelevant - the point is, I am suddenly discovered and rapidly catapulted to fame).

Top - AUD $229 [HERE]
Pants - AUD $299 [HERE]

Which brings me to my point.

These are two separate pieces by Tluxe in the same print. Pair them up and you get to trick the unassuming eye into thinking you have on a romper!

No more awkward shimmies in the toilet stall.


(photo & product details)


Holographic Beauty

£140 [HERE]


This is probably what LSD would look like as a shoe.