Hart of Dixie

I'M JUST GOING to say it:

I watch Hart of Dixie for Rachel Bilson's style chops, and could really care less about the plot.

I mean, have you seen Rachel Bilson in this show? The girl is equal parts gorgeous as she is stylicious, which is a term I've just coined that I'm hoping does not currently exist. I am also hoping it will take off soon (by soon, I mean it better be in a dictionary by next week), so do your best to spread it round with vigor.

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I don't think I've seen her in an outfit I hate yet, and I've been following this show with religious fanaticism.

I'll probably have to keep revisiting her style on this show, so this may or may not be the first in a wildly obsessive string of posts about Miss Bilson in her role as Dr Zoe Hart.

... I'd like it if you could try not hate me too much.

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  1. i've loved her since the OC, as her charachters and as herself she's always flawless.

  2. Rachel Bilson is adorable, good call!

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  4. Her style is flawless and perfect.


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