Faux Playsuit

THERE'S PROBABLY NOTHING in this world I despise more than wearing a romper and then needing to use the loo.

Shimmying awkwardly out of one's clothes in a germ-infested bathroom stall isn't exactly how I envision things when I am purchasing said romper. 

To be really honest, I'm usually only imagining myself wearing said romper and suddenly being discovered by fashion heavyweight Karl Lagerfeld, who greatly admires my style panache when he comes across me lounging in a nondescript coffee shop ... (how exactly he will discover me on the island of Borneo is irrelevant - the point is, I am suddenly discovered and rapidly catapulted to fame).

Top - AUD $229 [HERE]
Pants - AUD $299 [HERE]

Which brings me to my point.

These are two separate pieces by Tluxe in the same print. Pair them up and you get to trick the unassuming eye into thinking you have on a romper!

No more awkward shimmies in the toilet stall.


(photo & product details)


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