Magpie Alert

USD 850 [HERE]

Leather: Cowhide. 
Weight: 32oz / 0.90kg 
Height: 8in / 20.5cm 
Length: 10in / 25.5cm 
Depth: 3in / 7.5cm 
Strap drop: 20in / 51cm

TWO THINGS THAT should allow for this bag to ascend to Fashion Holy Grail heights: 1) It is of Alexander Wang make, 2) It is delightfully silver.

I say delightfully, because I'm almost a thousand percent certain I have Magpie Syndrome and looking at this bag is the equivalent of tossing barrels of fuel onto the proverbial magpie fire in my head.

(product details & image credits)


  1. Metallics are perfect right now! I saw someone else post about metal belts... whaat!

    1. Oh man metal belts - I love those buggers. It kind of seems to make my waistline larger than I'd like it to be though..


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