Since the day life sneakily caught up to me, I find myself being on the Internet a lot less ...hence the lack in posts, which I greatly regret.

In light of this, I think a massive content re-alignment is in order. You know ... just so the blog can remain a hefty part of my life without Photoshop being so necessary and such.

I haven't figured it all out just yet but I will definitely be purging my archives. A clean slate is always the best, no?

Thanks again for reading, as always.



Hello again, Internet.

I realise that an (unannounced) month-long sabbatical was probably really uncalled for, but life just kind of got in the way of my not having a life in a really obtrusive manner and I simply chose to forget I have a tiny blog on the World Wide Web that nobody reads anyway.

I may or may not continue posting on here sporadically because sometimes, it's nice to blog from one's phone. It makes one look busy, like one is sending out a million and one work emails, which is a really nice image to portray about oneself...