CNY Photo Diary

Spent the first four days of the Chinese new year in that concrete jungle also known as Singapore, basking in child-like wonderment at the miracle that is outdoor air-conditioning & rooting around various stores for clothes (almost nothing was in my size save for a pair of printed green trousers from Zara, thus reiterating my fanatic belief that Zara just about NEVER disappoints). 

I also found the time to gawk stupidly at decorations with my infant nephew, and cavort along an impossibly deserted Orchard Road before proceeding to marinate for hours in the humidity with Twinnie and Peadle Pops (MISS YOU GUYS).

Then I got on a very small plane and braced myself through a maelstrom of turbulence (have you ever gotten on a very small plane when it's raining? If you haven't, I pray you never find out what that's like) just to get to my tiny hometown along the Rejang River where house-visiting consumed nearly all my waking hours. 

I don't think I could look at another slice of cake the same way again.

Now I'm back home, sitting at a desk tapping this out to you because sadly, all holidays have to come to an end. Not sure if this post is fully coherent, but it will have to do for now because I don't think I've managed to fully recover from it all yet.


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    1. They were magnificent, tho a little creepy if you stared at them for too long.

  2. A small plane while it's raining sounds rather freaky. I'm glad you were safe, though! Such a brave soul you are.

    All this food looks delicious. Also, I adore that card--haha, it's definitely true. And I just realized I am doing that exactly. I'm not even kidding! :)

    1. Thank you Ali - you're such a sweetie for fluffing ye olde ego, but I was really clutching onto my arm rest with demonic force willing angels to come save me. Ergo, not so brave after all, although I would still like to imagine I am.

  3. Yum, those fries look delicous!

    xo erica

    1. They really were. It makes me sad that I don't live in Singapore..

  4. You went to Singapore!? Ah man, what an amazing experience. Jealous <3
    It looks incredible there - especially the food, mmmmmm.

    Bahaha, and I love that book. Blogging in your underwear huh? Who DOESN'T do that? ;)

    Trendy Teal

    1. Singapore is pretty wonderful! It's just cosmopolitan enough that you almost forget it's so humid you could just melt into a puddle of goo.

      I agree. Hugh MacLeod is obviously a super genius!

  5. I absolutely love this,hun!

  6. These are such lovely photo's and I love the name of your blog its so cute!


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