Temporary Hiatus

I'M GOING TO be MIA for about a week.

Will be too busy navigating the dieter's hell that is Chinese New Year - cakes, cookies, dumplings, nuts, buns, Chinese kuihs ... YUM. I'm probably going to forget I even have a blog.

For those of you who are not Chinese and are wondering what we're so busy with for 15 days, it's really just a big smudgy blur of red outfits, house-visiting, red packet receiving, moaning about age, complaining about how fast the days are passing, committing mass carbicide, more red outfits, eating, drinking, fireworks, lion dances, loud gongs and gambling.

I'm going to be so sick of this sight by this time next week.

I'll probably have to remember to Tweet stuff sporadically.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese readers!


  1. It sounds so fun! I didn't really know about Chinese new year before I came to the usa. There are big vietnamese town close to my ex-place, and it goes crazy round this time of the year. Happy Chinese New Year to you! xo akiko
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    1. Thank you Akiko! It's really pretty awesome when you realize your relatives are way more fun drunk than they are sober. Hahahaha! I imagine the Vietnamese town must look a lot like my own hometown - messily red!


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