Life Update

I THINK BEING forced to sit at a desk when all I want to do is sleep is a mega cruel and unusual form of torture. 

Am still recovering from all the visiting and lack of sleep.

This is sad. I think I understand why more and more people are opting to fly as far away as humanly possible, because on top of having to give a wide spectrum of unmarried people money you also have to feed them if they come calling to your house.

... Which just kind of means you're paying for kids and their parents to come over, eat, make a huge mess and then just leave without cleaning up after themselves.


I downed a super cup of coffee the size of my face this morning to distract myself from the fact that my breakfast was terrible and now I can't stop using exclamation marks in chat windows. I'm trying hard to refrain from repeating this irresponsible behavior here in this space so I don't come off as crazy ... but it's getting too difficult to restrain myself. 

I'm not even sure if I am using proper punctuation, I'm so buzzed from all the caffeine. I mean, who can really tell. 


  1. Akivitt is actually Norwegian Liquor... and the ladel thing was for my grandmother to use when she goes mountain climbing.

    Haha yea, I def want to have a far-away wedding.... in some exotic place


    1. ... how could I have gotten it all so wrong?? Thanks for setting me straight, Liv! A far-away wedding is probably for the best - only the people who really matter would make an effort to make the journey! It works out for everyone.

  2. YOOHOOOO i miss you come and visit me again soonnnnnn. I was super tired from cny too. we are weak. hahahaha xoxoxo

    1. Totes miss you too Twinnie!! I am already jonesing for my next trip over. This is probably selfish of me, but I hope you wouldn't have started your job yet. HEHE. LAAAV YOUUU.

      ps. we are so weak it's embarrassing.


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