They're Better Off Dead

MY LOVE FOR graphic tees just won't go away.

I mean ... what's not to love about a juiced-up plain tee?

Better Off Dead CC BDSM Shirt, USD 45 [HERE]

Better Off Dead St Yves BDSM shirt, USD 45 [HERE]

These aren't real but that doesn't make them any less desirable to me.

[edit] Just so we're clear - when I say they aren't real, I mean they weren't produced by either Chanel or YSL. In case there was any confusion over that.


  1. oh those are so so cool!

    hope you'll visit back

    1. Hi Mary! They aaaaare. Why isn't my birthday coming anytime soon! Hahah. Am on me way to peep your blog now!

  2. These ARE cool! GREAT find : )

    Ali of


  3. i really love these t shirts. i am really into sort of playing with famous designers and their logos and making cheeky items. i think it only really works though when it is clear that it is a knock off - like the "comme des fuckdown" hats or "my other bag is a chanel" for example which is the only reason i find these shirts to be a bit problematic because i think it needs to be really clear from the wit and design that they are fakes.


    xx rae

    1. LOVE the comme des fuckdown shirts and hats too - that was some seriously great wordplay. But I see where you're coming from in regards to the design. I suppose there's something that needs to be said about how much of a company's logo and branding should be allowed to be recreated, which is kind of what Twitter has done! ... But I can't help but be mesmerized by the Chanel/YSL logos, all riddled with chains and locks ...

  4. These tees are so cool. I love wearing a simple tee with a fun skirt.

    xo erica

    1. I hear you, Erica. I like doing simple tees with denim shorts, myself.


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