A SHOCKING NUMBER of you have been voting for more personal posts and pictures from me, and I'm a little terrified that this has happened.

But that's cool. I get it. One of my greatest guilty pleasures in life is finding and reading un-apologetically personal blogs, sooo you know ... if I ever come across a blog with a poll asking me what I'd like to see more of, that's probably one of the first things I'd vote for.

Um. And if it wasn't one of the choices, I'd probably type it in the comments section under a handle like  DeZTInee's-CHiLD_6678865700 to throw people off my scent and protect my reputation. (If you ever receive a comment from OmAIGoD_GeOrGe_cLOOneY_4-evA!!!!!!!!!! with that exact number of exclaimation marks ... that was probably me too.)

... Man, that whole Anonymous Voting thing kind of blows because now I really want to know who wants to know.

Although I think I kind of know who ONE voter is ... even though she was being all coy about it.

I woke up to a text from Twinnie one morning that basically said, "Hey, so I voted for you to put more personal stuff up on your blog. Do it," because I think she sometimes needs things to read when she's bored and waiting in line for something like fish-ball noodle soup; followed by: "EH ... soooooooo .... what did everyone else vote for? I kind of need to know..."

I promised her I'd show her, but that was like a fortnight ago. And if I'm being super honest, I was waiting for the 'I like it when you feature items you're currently coveting' category to move up a few points because I was really rooting for that one.

But anyway ... Twinnie, I'm showing you what's the haps with the voting thing right now.

Did everybody just kind of look at this and go, "Well GREAT, now I have to click like a BAZILLION TIMES for personal crap to go up on this blog"? 'Coz now I feel stupid for splitting the posts and pictures options up.


  1. holy bejeezus, there are other geniuses who think like me. HAHAHAHA see i told you it was a good call. bahaha. the votes have spoken.

    1. Clearly, the votes have spoken. Congratulations, you now have oodles of my grey matter's product to view at the hawker's stall. HAHAHAHAAA. Eh dude, btw, I think I may be running out of gb's on my data plan. If I don't reply you one of these days that's probably what's happened because my home router is being a little shit.

    2. woo! i love reading random nonsense written by you!!! eh yeah man, i think your internet is being a turd. my whatsapp msges cannot even be sent through to you now. helloooo, can you like fix this!? hahahaha :(

    3. You're the sweetest!! Best comment ever! Swing by the island later to pick up your imaginary trophy. And yes, my line is always being a turd, but these past coupla days have been even worse .. if that's even possible.

  2. Replies
    1. Ahh ... I have no idea what this means! Hehe..

  3. excited to see more personal posts to come and you have a really funny writing style which i quite enjoy :)

    xx rae


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