Saturday Morning

"There is a tonic strength, in the hour of sorrow and affliction, in escaping from the world and society and getting back to the simple duties and interests we have slighted and forgotten. Our world grows smaller, but it grows dearer and greater. Simple things have new charm for us, and we suddenly realize that we have been renouncing all that is greatest and best, in our pursuit of some phantom."
- William George Jordan

All ph. via Tumblr

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  1. Pretty pictures!!! Love your blog by the way. Just out of curiosity, why 'Raincloud for Rent'?

  2. Thanks Babble! ... I could totally lie to you and think up something poignant to go along with it but ... the reality is, everything else was sort of taken. There are way too many blogs out there now, and just about every single name is taken. :(

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog, dear! You left such a lovely comment, so I felt the need to say ty :) Happy New Year, have fun celebrating!
    PS. Love the name of your blog! www.moiminnie.blogspot.com x

    1. No worries at all, Minnie. Thank you for your kind words in return!

      Happy New Year to you as well, and thanks again for taking the time to check my blog out!


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