I need an Intervention: My Pinterest Obsession

Over the weekend, I discovered the quiet joys of Pinterest.

At first, I was as uncertain as a duck would be, wobbling near the face of a rocky precipice. 

Anxiety tailgated me like a bawdy truck driver with anger management issues: "OMG LOL. I NEED TO PIN THIS ............. Hold on. It says the F-word. Do I really want to show people I'm okay with cursing this early on in my blogging career?"

But gradually (read: less than an hour later), drunk off the act of pinning things and herding them into organized folders, I became unnecessarily emboldened: "I'M GOING TO PIN EVERY SINGLE LAST THING ON HERE THAT CATCHES MY FANCY AND NOBODY CAN STOP ME - NOBODY!!!"

There was no turning back now. I was empowered. 

My boards were my well-organized slaves, destined to hold a multitude of inspiring images, tips and quotes forever...

You see folders, I see inspiration storage facilities ... http://pinterest.com/raincloud4rent/

But anyway.

I'm not entirely certain what it is about Pinterest that has me so ridiculously hooked, but I'm willing to bet it has something to do with the wispy, romantic ideals of an imagined life; in belief, faith, love and hope ... 

I mean, this shit gets me every single time; I soak it up the way a Kleenex soaks up spilled vodka.

In any case - I should really be more ashamed of this - I just felt like you should know that I now spend half  my waking moments wandering the virtual streets of Pinterest in search of something worthy to pin.

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