Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2013

ph. via Style.com // View the entire collection here.

ALEXANDER WANG'S PRE-FALL collection for 2013 is a drop-waisted, grey-marled, asymmetrical, drapey, leather-accented, clunky-footed confection that kicks it so hard it leaves a slightly sporty aftertaste in your mouth. 

I need just about everything I saw in the lookbook, though this probably wouldn't be news to any of you by now.

... God. This is like a fresh reminder of Alexander Wang's impossibly awesome street cred. Can anyone imagine what Balenciaga is going to be like with him spearheading the design team? 

Nicholas Ghesqui√®re did a pretty stellar job; I can't imagine the fashion house churning out anything other than his signature scuba-inspired wear and ditsy florals at this point. 

That being said though, the world is probably ready for a City-Marion love-child..

What do you think of Alexander Wang's pre-fall collection? Would you wear any of these looks?


  1. wow lovely collection!!


    1. Hi Natalie, I can't ever seem to hate anything Alexander Wang does. It's madness. Thanks so much for commenting back.

  2. I love this collection - my favourite all time piece is the over-sized black, grey & white jumper! xxx

    1. Hello Sofia Clara, that jumper looks totally cozy, who can fault you for loving it? Haha, and thanks for commenting, I really appreciate it!


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